Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have made a Rihanna sim!

I have took pictures of her, and I want to showcase her!

Her in Swimwear:

Her Athletic Wear:

Based Upon This Outfit:

Her Sleepwear:

Her Formal Wear:

Based Upon This Outfit:

Her in Everyday Outfit:

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of her everyday wear! However, her outfit was based on this outfit Rihanna wore in the Only Girl in the World video:

The rest of the cc is transferrable!

Well, hope you have fun with her! You can download her in the Links for Downloading My Creations Column!

Hope you make her the Only Girl in the World!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 12

Kelly: Okay, I have something to say! There are two sims who have a strong relationship in the house! It is a romantic one! It's Ruby, and Stephan! You will need help to get this relationship out of the game! So, keep me in the game in order to help me get out the secret showmance!

Stephan: Hey, that is SO NOT TRUE!

Ruby: Hey, I have to confess something it was true!

Back on Day 6, we made out in the hot tub, and we started a secret showmance! We have decided to keep it a secret showmance due to people can get rid of us for having a public showmance! Kelly found out about through the Head of Mummification television! She promised to keep it a secret! But know she broke the promise, and now she has made an even more so target! She'll probably become a mummy this week, don't you think?

Kelly: Okay, we all know the truth now! If you want to get rid of this relationship, which you'll need to, vote to mummify Kellan! I call this meeting dismissed!

Kelly: I have made a risky move to reveal the secret showmance! I hope this pays off, and Kellan will become a mummy instead of me!

Ruby: Ugh, 28 days of us keeping it a secret, and now look what this ***** did! She is SO NOT gonna give my vote!

Mark: How can you guys keep that a secret?

Ruby: Well, showmances do get out early!

Morgan: But, look, if me, or Mark wins the next Head of Mummification, we will so not nominate you guys! We are allies to the end, remember?

Stephan: Thank you, but what about Grey, Kathy, Kelly, and Kellan?

Mark: Well, ignore those! One of the people you listed are gonna become a mummy by the end of this week! We will also make sure the rest doesn't win Head of Mummification anytime soon! Remember, it's us to the end, you know?

Nocturne: We are now live on Day 38! It is time to talk to the house guests! Hello, house guests!

House Guests: Hello!

Nocturne: Stephan, your secret showmance is out! Would you like any last minute comments about it being out?

Stephan: Well, I'm sorry to say this Kelly, but I think it is bad strategy to do that! Sorry!

Nocturne: Morgan, you given every single houseguest a makeover! What is your favorite makeover?

Morgan: IDK! I haven't thought about! Well, I guess it has to be (5 seconds later) Ruby!

Ruby: Wow, thank you!

Morgan: Your welcome!

Nocturne: You all made it the half-way point! So, I got a question! Since you all know each other pretty well, who do you think is the most underestimated player without mentioning the names of Kellan, and Kelly, because they are already on the block? Kathy, you are first!

Kathy: Grey!

Grey: Morgan!

Mark: Grey!

Kellan: Grey!

Kelly: Grey!

Morgan: Grey!

Ruby: Grey!

Stephan: Grey!

Nocturne: Okay, you guys pretty much agree with each other! Now, it is almost time for the live voting! But first, it is time for each of the two nominees to give one final plead speech, and Kellan, you are first!

Kellan: Kelly is a bigger threat than me! Kelly won one Head of Mummification! I won none! Who would want to mummify? A bigger competitor, or a weaker competitor? You decide!

Nocturne: Kelly, your turn!

Kelly: Okay, this is your final warning! You guys know the secret showmance by now! If you want to get rid of them, vote for Kellan, and I will get rid of them ASAP! That is all I have to say!

Nocturne: Okay, it is time for the votes! Kelly, Kellan, and Stephan will not vote! The rest of you guys have to make your way to the diary room, and cast your vote! Morgan, you are up first!

*after the live voting*

Nocturne: Okay, we have all the votes! Whoever gots the most votes will have a few moments to talk to the houseguests, go get in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings, and be mummified! By 1 3-2 vote,

Kelly, you will be the 1st person who made it to the merge to become a mummy!

Kelly: Well, guys, you better have some really good luck for getting rid of the Secret Showmance now!

*Stay tune for Episode 13*

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 11

Stephan: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

Stephan: Oh, it's gray, my favorite color!

Morgan: Oh, look, Stephan, you have a letter from your creator!

Ruby: Read it, Stephan, Read it!

Stephan: Okay (reads)

Dear Stephan,
I'm so proud of you making it this far! You are doing great!! So have you found any lady friends yet? LOL! Keep up the good work pal, and don’t get on anyone’s bad side!


*Day 34*

Ruby: Guys, I want to have a group meeting with you guys! I know no longer trust ____!

Mark: Why?

Ruby: Well, _____ spends way too much time with Kathy, and Kellan! I kinda think (he/she) is playing both sides!

Morgan: Yeah, I kinda did noticed that! Over the pass week, (he/she) spends way too much time with Kathy, and Kellan!

Stephan: Ruby may has a point! You knows? Maybe _____ could be in an alliance with everybody since the start of the show!

Stephan: Look, Kathy, I have a question to ask you, and I want you to be completely honest! Are you in an alliance with _____?

Kathy: Well, I was in an alliance with (him/her)! It was called the _______! However, that alliance broke up after that tie-breaker vote we had!

Stephan: When I heard that Kathy was in a former alliance with _____, I am starting to think that _____ may be a double agent for the A.T.W.B.T.W. alliance!

Stephan: Okay, Ruby, I think you are right! Now, we just have a pawn! Our pawn can be one of the three members of the A.T.W.B.T.W. alliance!

Ruby: Well, if we nominate _____, we know (he/she) will go! (He/She) is a way too strong competitor, and if (he/she) gets nominated, then we will doomed since the pawn WILL BE ELIMINATED!

Stephan: Yeah, I agree with that! Plus, ____ is just way too shy! (He/She) rarely talks, and (he/she) will go home due to the fact no one knows what is (his/her) head inside!

Ruby: Well, that leaves us with _____!


Ruby: Apparently, I helped a lot with the nominations! Well, okay!

Stephan: This is the nominations ceremony! I shall name my two nominees, and once my nominees has been said, it will be official, and they would not change throughout the week! I want to nominate......

Kelly because he is a very strong player in this game and might get in my way of winning. I also want to nominate....

Kellan because he is also a strong player in this game! These nominations are final, and they will not be changed!

Kelly: Me being nominated by Stephan is the most shocking thing so far! I think I am gonna have to talk to him!

Kellan: I wasn't surprised about it! He nominated me last week when he used the Veto Ability! So, why would I expect him not to nominate?

Stephan: Look, you are only supposed to be a pawn!

Kelly: I do not believe it!

Stephan: Seriously, I am telling the truth!

Kelly: Allies are not supposed to nominate each other for pawns!

Stephan: Well, what about last week?


Stephan: Well um, um, um

(5 seconds later)


*Stay tune for Episode 12*

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 10 Part 2

Nocturne: We are at the merge now! This is the first time that everyone in the top 8 are seeing each other! They are not allowed to speak to each other until they reached they reached in side on the merge house! Let's go talk to the top 8! Hello, contestants!

Contestants: Hello!

Nocturne: The merge house looks almost the same! The only difference is that we now have another double bed! Once, you move in, you must go ahead, and pick your beds! You may now go inside the merge house!

Meanwhile, Grey, and Kelly decided to sleep in the mirror room!

Stephan, Ruby, Kathy, and Kellan choose the Black and White room!

Also, the two people who pick the Egyptian Room are Mark, and Morgan!

Nocturne: Now, there are a couple of benefits of being in the merge! First of all, you guys get to be in the merge reunion! Second of all, you guys get to experience a new twist, which the next Head of Mummification will find out first! Also, one more thing! Due to Maxx's removal from the game, you guys got a week where no one goes! This mean no Head of Mummifications for this week, no nominations, and no mummifications! However, on Day 33, we will have a Head of Mummification competition! You may now do whatever you want to do within' the past week!

*Day 28*

Stephan: Yo Morgan, us guys want to talk with you!

Morgan: Yeah?

Kellan: We kinda want new hairstyles! You told us your mother is a hairstylist! So, can you give us hair makeovers?

Morgan: Um, sure?

*While giving makeovers*

Kellan: Oh, I like this hair better then my old hair!

Grey: Looks good!

Mark: My wife will like this hairstyle!

Stephan: Dude, I look like Sora from Kingdom Hearts! I would completed the first game if it weren't for the Maleficent ***** in her dragon form!

*Day 29*

Kelly: Hey Morgan, since you give the guys makeovers, why can't you give us girls makeovers?

Morgan: Um, okay!

*while giving makeovers*

Kathy: Oh my hair is shorter! I like it!

Kelly: Forgot my old hairstyle! This hairstyle is way better than my old hairstyle!

Ruby: Thank you Morgan for the makeover!

*Day 30*

Mark: Look, Morgan, you did a fine job with the makeovers! How about I makeover you?

Morgan: Thanks Mark, but what you know about makeovers?

Mark: Well, in my music videos, I have to have certain looks! So, I have gotten makeovers for a long time! So, I guess I could give a successful makeover on you! Besides, you are my best friend in the house! If I could give a makeover on anyone, it would be you!

Morgan: Well, all right! You can give me a makeover!

*while giving the makeover*

Morgan: Wow, thank you, Mark! You are really good at makeovers you know that!

*Day 33*

Nocturne: It is now time for the Head of Mummification competition! Kathy, since the Veto Ability has been used in the last voting ceremony, you are allowed to compete! The hands wil be in the mummy jury! The mummy jury will have 5 minutes to decide on the next Head of Mummification! They must agree unanimously, or else a Head of Mummification will be drawn from a random draw! Does anyone got any questions?

Contestants: Nope!

Nocturne: Well, I hope you have good relationships with the Mummy Jury, because the 5 minutes start now!

*5 minutes later*

Nocturne: The mummy jury has decided on a Head of Mummification! The new H.O.M. is........




*Stay tune for Episode 11*

Quiz Scores:

Stephan- 10 (Originally 5 correct answers, and have gotten 5 extra points, HE DID NOT GET A PERFECT SCORE)

Kathy- 9 (Originally got 7 correct answers, and 2 extra points)

Ruby- 6

Kellan- 6

Kelly- 5

Mark- 3 (originally got 2 correct answers, and 1 extra point)

Grey- 3

Morgan- 2

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