Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Lady GaGa Chronicles: Telephone Part 1


Meet Colby Wright! He is 21 years old! Due to very strict, and unfair teachers he has in middle school, he has repeated 6th, 7th, and 8th grade! He must passed his English 4 final exam in order to pass his senior exam, which is worth 1,000 points. If he doesn't, then he will graduate from high school as he is a 21-year-old Floridan, and Florida has a law saying you are not allowed to go to school after you have turn 22, which Colby will be during the summer! He is currently studying for his English 4 exam!


Soon, Colby got a call! He soon answer it!


It was his best friend in High School, Bobby!

"Yo, Colby, what's up dog? Have you heard? Rachel is having is gonna have a party in one hour! It will be the hottest party of the year! I heard Beyonce is gonna be there singing for us live! Are you in it? You will be missing out on a lot if you don't!


Colby thought about it for a minute! He knows Rachel is the most popular girl in the school! However, he knows if he doesn't pass it, he will not graduate! He soon thought about it, and he have made a decision to stay up the night to study after he has gone to the party!

"Yo dog," Colby said! "Of course I am coming to party! If I don't, then I will become the dork of the year!"


"Cool," Bobby said! "Meet me there! You know the address of Rachel's house, so drive there yourself!"


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