Friday, February 4, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 5

*cues in Theme Music*


Mark: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?


Violet: I personally don't wanna see Mark's HOM room, but guess who is in charge, and I have suck up to in order to have my *** stay in the house as a human!


Mark: Oh, it is Black, my favorite color!

Summer: Oh look, Mark, here is a letter, read it out loud for us!

Mark: Okay (reads out letter)

Dear Markie!
I'm so happy that your not a mummy! And i hope everyone is being nice, made some friends? And enemies! Happy Birthday as well, must be kinda lonely without the band! They miss you too! A few things: have fun, stay in the game, and don't let me down!
From Katyshewan (and the boys)


*Day 13*

Violet: Man, I am nervous about Nominations!

Maxx: I think you should talk to Mark!

Violet: Yeah, I know that, but I still feel as if the talk won't be worth talking!

Maxx: It is at least worth the shot!


Violet: Even though Mark is my enemy in the game, I need to convince to not nominate me for mummification!


Violet: Look, first, I will like to thank you for not voting for me last week!

Mark: Your welcome!

Violet: Now, we need to be equal! If you do not nominate me for mummification, then I will vote for whoever you want gone!

Mark: Even if I nominate ____!

Violet: This is a game, and if I have to vote out ____, I will! Also, whenever my time that I am H.O.M., I will not nominate you! No matter if it is next week, during the merge, or even at the end, you are guarantee safe no matter what! I will also not vote to evict you when you are nominated!

Mark: When?

Violet: Well, it seems everyone will be nominated at some point in the game! People will say that "Oh, you haven't been nominated yet, so I decided nominate you for mummification!" But the point is that you are safe no matter what!


Mark: Wow, Violet, gave me a lot! She basically like doing a lot just because I didn't voted for her! Whatever I can get from her is good!


Nocturne: Houseguests, it is time for the House of Wealth/the House of Poverty competition! Last time, whoever house had the H.O.M. was the House of Wealth, and the house that didn't was the House of Poverty! This time, we are doing an actual competition! Now, only 8 people will be part of the competition 4 per house!


Linda, as the only mummy in the house, you are not able to play,


Mark, this competition has no effect on you as you get to enjoy all the privileges in the House as H.O.M.,


and 3 random people picked from a random draw! Those names include Morgan,




and Diamond


Nocturne: Time to rock out! We are having a Battle of the Bands contest! The winner will be in the House of Wealth! The loser will be in the House of Poverty! I will be the judge! Now, I give you guys 1 hour to rehearse! Good luck!


Kellan: I pick the guitar!

Kelly: I pick the Piano!

Ruby: I choose the Drums!

Kathy: And I choose the Bass!

Kellan: Let's do Birthday by The Beatles!

Kathy: I love that song!

Ruby: Then, let's do it!


Summer: Due to the fact that Mark cannot be in the competition, I know we are doom!


Summer: I choose the guitar!

Grey: I choose the Piano!

Violet: I choose the Bass!

Maxx: I choose the Drums!

Violet: What song should I do?

Summer: How about Raise Your Glass by P!nk?

Maxx: Okay!


Nocturne: It is time for the Competition! House #1, you are up first!

*house #1 plays Birthday by The Beatles*

Nocturne: Nice job, now House #2


*House #2 plays Raise your Glass by P!nk for 10 seconds, then Nocturne interrupts them*

Nocturne: Hold on! That song is WAY OVERPLAYED! Sorry, but I am giving you guys the House of Poverty, while House #1 gets to be the House of Wealth!

Maxx: Dang it!


Grey: Now, great, I am in the House of Poverty! I really think Mark should compete! He is in a band! If he was in it, then we will win with no doubt!


Morgan: Look, can you tell me what are your plan for Nominations?

Mark: As of right now, _______ is really angry that I vote with the majority! I think I am gonna nominate him! He has no influence on who I vote!

Morgan: Who is your pawn?

Mark: I don't know!

Morgan: How about Violet?

Mark: She was just on the block!

Morgan: How about Kelly?

Mark: I do not want to nominate Kelly because she can't compete in the H.O.M. challenge!

Morgan: How about Summer?

Mark: Hey, Summer is the hottest girl in the house! I do not want to nominate the hottest girl in the house!

Morgan: How about you nominate me? Trust me I think I can stay! _______ has been very quiet! I think he will go!

Mark: Hmmmm....... I think about it!


Mark: This is the Nominations ceremony! I have now decided who will be my two nominees! Once I announced my two nominees, these will be official, and they will not change no matter what! I have decided to nominate....


Diamond for mummification because me and him just dont get along! He got mad at me because i changed my vote! I should be able to choose without his influence.

I have also decided to nominate.....
Morgan for mummification, because she really knows how to play the game, tries get together with Maxx, and almost beaten me in the battle for HOM. These nominations are final, and they will not change! Good luck to my two nominees! You are gonna need it!


Diamond: Ugh, I should not made that phone call! It just cost me a nomination because of that!


Morgan: I have asked Mark to nominate me, and he did it! I did this, because I wanted to make his job easier!


Mark: Out of the two nominees, I mainly want Diamond to be one to be in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings on Mummification Night! Let's hope he is!

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