Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 7


Stephan: Can I talked you for a quick second?

Stephan: Sure!


*While Kathy was spying on them*

Stephan: Look, you are the absolute person that I trust in the game! I want you to know a little secret!

Ruby: What?

Stephan: I didn't voted Diamond! I voted for Morgan! Me, and Diamond given me safety if I voted for Morgan for mummification! I have to take that offer! I need as much safety as I get!

Ruby: Well, you have to do what you have to do! So, if you have to vote for Morgan, you just have to no matter what!


Kathy: Look, I found out that Stephan voted for Morgan! One of these have to vote for Diamond!

Kelly: Can I be honest? I voted for Diamond! I changed my mind this morning! I realized if I voted for Morgan, Mark may become H.O.M. two weeks later, and may come after me!

Kellan: Well, I didn't care about both nominees! He should of nominated Violet, because she is her enemy!

Kathy: Look, I think we should split up! I do not really see us as a group any more! Do you guys agree with me?

Kellan: I kinda do!

Kelly: Me too!


*after Kelly left*

Kathy: Look, the reason I wanted the K-Alliance to split up is because I wanna start a new alliance with you called The A.T.W.B.T.W!

Kellan: What that stands for?

Kathy: The Alliance That Was Born This Way
Kellan: Oh!

Kathy: I kinda want Violet, Maxx, and Grey to be in the alliance! Can you make that happened?

Kellan: Sure!


Nocturne: Soon, Kellan asked Violet, Grey, and Maxx, and they all say Yes!


And soon, Kelly starts her own alliance called The Fireworks! It includes, her, Stephan, Ruby, Mark, and Morgan!


*day 18*

Grey: Thank god for no more cold showers, sarcophagi, and yucky salad!

Mark: Yes! This dinner is for us guys, where we eat REAL SALAD!

Maxx: Um, Mark, did you put peanut oil on this?

Mark: Yes, I put peanut oil on all my salads!

Maxx: Well, *coughs* I am allergic to *cough* nuts!


Grey: OMG! Someone called 911!


Mark: Guys, I have an announcement! Maxx is in a como! He won't be able to wake up for months according to the doctors! He must be removed from the game!


Violet: This is so f****' unfair! Maxx was my best friend! I love him to death! Why does he deserves this?


Grey: It is alright! He was just a distraction to your game! He could played you all this time! You two were targets because of your showmance! It is now time to play a new game, a better game!

Violet: Thank you for your company! I will miss him, but at least I will play a better game without him!


Nocturne: Welcome, Diamond! This is Day 19! Come have a seat!


Diamond: Hello Nocturne!

Nocturne: Hello! So, as of right now, you are a mummy! What do you think brought you here?

Diamond: For two reasons, first of all, I made a phone call to Mark that cost me the game! Second of all, Maxx, Kelly, Kathy, Kellan, and Stephan is supposed to keep me safe! One person back out!

Nocturne: Want to know who it is?

Diamond: Yeah?

Nocturne: Who do you think it is?

Diamond: Um, I think it is Stephan!

Nocturne: Kelly decided to vote for you! Would you come after her?

Diamond: I probably won't give her a jury vote, but I would come after Mark first instead if I were human!

Nocturne: Why's that?

Diamond: Mark is a celebrity! He makes a bunch of money per day, more than Kelly! I did feel threaten with his celebrity status! He is gonna get people to like him no matter what! Kelly is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life! I would come after Mark instead of Kelly!

Nocturne: Well, you are stay in the house "to observe the house guests behavior!" You will vote in the finale, so good luck! Coming up, the HOM competition! For now, watch this commericial!


Nocturne: This is the HOM competition! Mark, Linda, and Diamond are not allowed to compete! This competition is called Fast and Easy! I will asked very easy questions about the game! The answer will be yes or no! If you say yes, step your two feet over to the green tile in front of you! If you say no, step your two feet over to the red tile behind you! If you got it wrong, you will be eliminated! Sounds easy right? There is a catch! If you are the last person to put your two feet on the tile of correct answer, then you will be eliminated unless someone gets the answer wrong! The last person standing will be the new Head of Mummification! The competition starts now! Was Kelly the first Head of Mummification?


Nocturne: You all got the correct answer, which is true! However, Kellan, you weren't quick enough, so have been eliminated! The rest of step back, we are about to reset!

Kellan: Dang it!

*Kellan's Quiz Score: 4*


*after a few rounds*

Nocturne: We currently have two contestants left in this competition: Stephan, and Kathy! One of you will become the new Head of Mummification! I will now asked the final question! Do we currently have 4 human contestants left in the Battle Against Mummification: The Start?

*Ruby/Kelly's quiz results: 4
Morgan's quiz results: 5
Grey/Violet's quiz results: 6*


Nocturne: The correct answer is False! Because.....


Kathy was faster, she is the new Head of Mummification! Congrats Kathy!


*Stephan's quiz score: 8 (originally got 3 answers correct, and have 5 extra points)
Kathy's quiz score: 14 (originally got 8 answers correct, and have 6 extra points)

Nocturne: Who will Kathy nominate? Find out soon!