Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 8

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Kathy: Who wants to see my H.O.M. room?

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Kathy: Oh it is Green, my favorite color!

Kathy: This room reminds me way too much of St. Patrick's Day!

Diamond: Oh look, a letter!

Kathy: Oh, let me read it!

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Kathy: Seeing that letter is so emotional! Me, and my creator have a close relationship, and I am so glad that I was able to read my creator's letter!

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Kelly: Listen, we need to tell a lie to Kathy in order to prevent us from being nominated!

Ruby: Why?

Kelly: Because Kathy is on the other side! She is gonna nominate two of us if we don't think of something! We gotta make a huge lie if we want us to stay!

Stephan: I do not know what we should lie about! I think I should called Morgan for her opinions tomorrow morning!

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Kelly: Right now, I feel as if I will be nominated! I asked my alliance, The Fireworks, to come up with a way for me to stay! And that will include a lie!

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*Day 20*

Stephan: Hey, Morgan, I have something to talk you!

Morgan: What?

Stephan: We need to come up with a big lie in order to keep the Fireworks safe!

Morgan: Well, there isn't a lie that I could think of! Um............ wait I got an idea!

Stephan: What?

Morgan: In my opinion, out of all the current members of the Alliance That Was Born This Way, ____ will be the easiest to get nominated! That person has been a mystery card for the past 20 days! That person has a mind of their own! So, I think that I should called Kathy saying that "____ has swore on the bible that I will be safe if (he/she) wins HOM!"

Stephan: That will be a perfect idea! However, we need a pawn to go up with ____!

Morgan: I have not think of a pawn yet! But when I do, I will tell one of the members of the Fireworks!

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Stephan: ____ will be the perfect person to put up from the A.T.W.B.T.W. That person has rarely said a word, and that person will very easy to put up!

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Morgan: Hey, I recently saw ______ flirting with ____!

Mark: Well, that's odd since ______ was with ____!

Morgan: It is odd! However, I think because of that, ______ should be nominated along with ____!

Mark: That will be perfect! You should call Kathy like right now!

Morgan: I think I am gonna call her soon! I am nervous, because I never lied before!

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Morgan: Making the call will be the hardest I will ever done throughout the 20 days I have been here! I never lied ever in my life, but I have to make a lie in order for me to secure my alliance's safety!

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Morgan: Hey Kathy!

Kathy: Hey Morgan!

Morgan: Listen, I need to tell you something! ____ has recently swore on the bible that he will keep me safe for next week if he wins Head of Mummification!

Kathy: Oh my! Did he seriously did that?

Morgan: Yes, he did!

Kathy: Well, um, I guess I have to nominate ___! Should I put up ______ as well? ______ doesn't really seem not care about the game much!

Morgan: Well, ______ is currently ____'s Best Friend in the house! If ____ somehow manages to stay, it is better to have ______ be mummified rather than some other houseguest!

Kathy: You are right! I think I have to nominate the two people who backstabbed me!

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Kathy: When Morgan tells me ____ was promises to our enemy alliances, I was like freak out! I do not think Morgan was lying, so I have to make a difficult nomination!

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Kathy: This is the nominations ceremony! I shall announce my two nominees! Once these nominees are made, the decision is final, and one of the two nominees will be mummified unless the mystery power! I have decided to nominate.....

Grey for mummification because I find him to be a really strong competetor and I'm scared of that! I have also decided to nominate

Violet for mummification because she doesn't seem really into the game. She is way too quiet for my likings! These nominees are final, and they will not be change!

Grey: I just feel back-stabbed! Kathy was my ally! Why did she even nominate me?

Violet: I am nominated with Grey, my new lover! I do not really care about this much! We are still gonna see each other after the game!

Violet: What's wrong?

Grey: We are nominated together!

Violet: So what? We are still gonna see each other after the game! We just gotta make alliances, and we will be alright!

Grey: I will be sad!

Violet: Will this make it any better?

*Violet kisses Grey*

Grey: Wait, what are you gonna do about Maxx?

Violet: I told you I am gonna break up with him!

Grey: Wow, you are an amazing kisser Violet!

Violet: Thank you!

*a few hours later*

Nocturne: Congrats ________, you won the mystery power! You now hold the......

*Stay tune for Episode 9*