Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 9 Part 1

*day 21*

Morgan: Look, Mark, I need to tell you something!

Mark: What?

Morgan: I feel really guilty about the lie I told! I think I have to tell Kathy that is just a lie!

Mark: Well, um, I think you shouldn't! It could make you a target!

Morgan: Well, I do not care that I am a target for telling the truth! I have a conscience deep down inside my heart, and it tells me I have to tell the truth!

Mark: Well, do what you have to do! Just be aware that it may make you a target!

Mark: I think Morgan is making a big mistake! But hey, no one is stopping her from making the big mistake!

Morgan: Hey Kathy!

Kathy: Yo Morgan!

Morgan: Do you remember when I told you that Grey swore on the bible that he will keep me safe if he wins Head of Mummification?

Kathy: Yeah?

Morgan: Well, that is just a lie! I really felt really guilty about it, and I have to tell you that is just a lie!

Kathy: Um, okay!

Kathy: When Morgan tells me that she was lying about Grey making a deal to her, I just wanted to have the mystery power so that I can get her *** mummified!

Morgan: Okay, I told her! I think she is kinda upset! What should I do?

Mark: You know that someone in this game has a mystery power! How about you contact Kelly, Stephan, and Ruby asking them if they hold the mystery power, be sure to use it to make one or the two nominees safe!

Morgan: Okay, I think I am gonna them right now!

*on the phone with Ruby, Kelly, and Stephan*

Morgan: Look, guys, I am asking you guys if one of you guys have the mystery power, be sure to use it in order to make one or two nominees safe from mummification! Be sure to do that, please! Bye!

*Day 22, Violet makes out with Grey*

Violet: Me, and Grey were making out, and then Grey stops to say "Listen, we need to talk!"

Grey: Listen, I do not feel comfortable with you cheating on Maxx! I think we should just be friends!

Violet: You son of a *****! I break up with guys, guys don't break up with me! Trust me I hope that your ******* *** gets mummified during the night of voting!

Grey: Well, I was trying to ask me and Violet just for us to be friends! I guess she took it too hard!

Violet: God, I never want to be with that heartless mother ****** ever again! He is just a freakin' ****** *** who has no feelings at all!

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