Monday, February 21, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 9 Part 2

Nocturne: We are now live on Day 24! We about to talk to the contestants! (To Contestants) Hello, everybody!

Contestants: Hello!

Nocturne: Well, we are starting something new this week! Questions from our fans! The first contestant who gets a question from our fans is.........

Stephan: It better not be me! And if it is me, then it better not be from my crazy ex-girlfriend!

Nocturne: What is so crazy about her?

Stephan: Ever since we broke up, she has been trying to get me back! She has no other boyfriend ever since we broke up! She even sing a song by Ke$ha that says "Stephen, why won't you called me?" Tell her I dating someone that is 1,000 times better than her!

Nocturne: Well, luckily the question isn't for you! It is for.......


Ruby: Oh snap!

Nocturne: Keesha from Burbank, California asked What is your natural hair color?

Ruby: Um, I kinda do not want to answer that question!

Nocturne: Why not?

Ruby: Because I look terrible in my natural hair color!

Nocturne: Is it Gray?

Ruby: Of course not!

Nocturne: Anyways, Violet, you have two boyfriends in this game! The first one got in a como, and you broke up for Grey! Then, Grey broke up with you! Do you consider yourself have bad romances in this game?

Violet: Um, I don't think so! Most relationships don't work out in real life, and that is just a case in here!

Nocturne: Kathy, there is a mystery power in the house that may change the nominations! If that mystery power is used, then how will you feel?

Kathy: I will be kinda angry, yet kinda happy!

Nocturne: Well, it is almost time to vote! But first, if you hold the mystery power, and you will like to use it, stand up now!

Stephan: As a loyal ally to Morgan, I would like to use it!

Nocturne: Contestants, Stephan holds the Veto Ability! This ability can veto'd one of the nominations, and choose a replacement nomination! However,

Kathy, as current Head of Mummification, cannot be nominated! Also, since Kathy's nominations have changed, she will be allowed to compete in the next H.O.M. challenge! Now, Stephan, which nomination would you liked to Veto'd?

Stephan: Grey!

Nocturne: Congrats, Grey! You may now sit in the couch! Now, Stephan, who is your replacement nominee?

Stephan: Kellan!

Nocturne: Kellan, you must sit at the nominations couch! Now, it is time to hear plead speeches of two nominees! Remember, the plead speeches of the two nominees could changed people's votes! Kellan, you are first!

Kellan: I did not expect this! Just do what have to do no matter if you like it or not! That is all I have to say!

Nocturne: Violet, it is your turn!

Violet: Okay, let me say this nicely! Stephan, you are a frickin' idiot for not using the Veto Ability on me! Grey, you are the worst boyfriend I ever had in my life! You are a heartless man, who is just plain stupid, and ugly! Morgan, you are the devil inside! You lied so that we can get nominated, and I bet behind your long blonde hair, you have devil horns! Mark, Ruby, and Kelly, please vote for Kellan so that we can get those people out of the game! That is all I have to say!

Morgan: What the?

Stephan: Hey, don't call me an idiot!

Nocturne: Okay, guys calm down! Stephan, since you used the mystery power, you are not allowed to vote! Kathy, as Head of Mummification, you are not allowed to vote as well! The two nominees can not vote along with Kathy, and Stephan! The rest of you have to make your way to the Diary Room, and vote for whoever they want to be a mummy! Kelly, you are first!

Kelly: I vote to mummify ______ because (he/she) was never really able to get along with people in the house.

Ruby: I vote to mummify ______ because I think (he/she) could be a big threat in the game!

Grey: I vote to mummify ______. Sorry, I just prefer the other person over you!!!

Morgan: I vote to mummify ______ because I think (he/she) is a dangerous competitor.

Mark: I vote to mummify ______ because ______ said she would keep me in if she became HOM! I'm safer if she's still here!

Nocturne: We now know who will be mummified! Remember, whoever is a mummy will have a few moments to talk to the other houseguests, and walked to the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings! By a 4-1 vote,

Violet, you are the third contestant to be a mummy on this show!

Violet: A hasta la vista, people!

*Stay tune for Episode 10*