Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 10 Part 1

Grey: Thank god Violet is gone! She made the worst plead speech in the world!

Morgan: I felt so offended by her plead! I never wanted to see her ever again!

Grey: By the way, who was that one person who voted for Kellan? After the plead speech, I thought it was gonna to be unanimous!

Mark: I am definitely gonna keep it a secret that I voted for ______ to go home!

Morgan: I personally felt offended when Violet did her plead speech! No person has the guts to say to my face that I am the devil! I am a very good girl, and I KNOW that I am NOT the devil! I hope I never see that ***** ever again!

Mark: Hey guys, since we are getting close to the merge, how about we have a party in the Hot Tub?

Morgan: A party in the hot tub?

Grey: Um, yeah, sure?

Mark: I took everyone to the hot tub for a strategic talk with everybody!

Mark: Listen, I just wanted to say this! If you guys are somewhere close to the end, and I am there, take me to the end! I am a big celebrity in United Kingdom, and I am not win because of that! Who in the mummy jury will vote for a rich, and famous person to win a realty show?

Mark: My strategy from here on out is to say "Take me to the end, I am not gonna win!" Of course, there may be a chance that I could win, but I will keep saying that, because people will think that I won't win, so they won't vote me out, and I will be in the final 2!

*Day 25*

Kathy: Look, we are gonna have to get Grey back on our side!

Kellan: Yeah? I think you should call him right now!

Kellan: It is important that we get Grey back on our side! If he doesn't who knows what will happened?

Kathy: Listen, you know that the nominations was made just because of the big lie Morgan told! Me, and Kellan need you back on our side! If you come back to our side, I promise I will never nominate you again if win H.O.M. again some time later in the game! Can you do that?

Grey: Well, to be honest, since Stephan used the mystery power on me, the nomination doesn't really matter any more! So, of course, I will come back to your side!

Kathy: Thank you! It is glad we have you back!

Grey: Your welcome!

Kathy: Thank god Grey is back on our side! Who knows what will happen if Grey wasn't back on our side?

*Day 26*

Nocturne: Violet, have a seat on the couch to the right of you!

Nocturne: According to the contestants on this show, your final plead speech is the reason why you got voted out! If you could have a different plead speech, what will it be?

Violet: To tell them that they are all a big bunch of losers but yet that would be the same as the speech I gave

Nocturne: On day 13, you made a deal to Mark! Are you gonna keep the deal you made to Mark, or you are just making the deal up just to be safe for the week?

Violet: I hated Mark at the beginning, but as the show continued I started to think of him as an friend so yes I will keep that deal!

Nocturne: You only have one vote for you to stay! That vote is from ____! Are you surprised about that vote?

Violet: Yes as I was in an alliance with one of the sims that voted, and they did not vote for me to stay!

Nocturne: According to your creator, he wishes he could submit a "nicer" sim! Do you think it will be a wise choice for him to do that strategically?

Violet: Yes, but who wants an alien in a reality show, and don't get me started on my brother Steve!

Nocturne: Okay, I won't get you started on Steve! Anyways, you will go to the Mummy Jury house with Diamond, and Linda! There you will wait until the finale, where you shall vote! Coming up the merge in Part 2! Stay tune!

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