Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reasons Why EA is Stupid, and Things To Do With In Order To Get Rid of The Stupidity

Okay, I am kinda think EA is the most stupid company in the world! I will give you reasons:

1. They are selling Barnacle Bay IN STORES! Seriously, that is gonna be a FAIL! Plus, it is NOT WORTH THAT MUCH!
2. A patch with 2 stuff that have been fix! Seriously, I am not gonna download it! Patches are dangerous to download! And if that patch is worth 2 glitches, then it is NOT WORTH IT! Plus, there are many glitches to be fixed with other people's games!
3. Still haven't fixed the glitches on the forums! Still seeing the white screen, still seeing Ooops.... you don't have the blah, blah, blahy, blah, and Liam still haven't "left"! I would seriously write a restraining order to Liam if I can!

Things to fix the stupidity

1. Make Barnacle Bay free at the store! It isn't worth it! I don't care if you say "Oh, it has new stuff that isn't in the base game!" RIVERVIEW HAS NEW STUFF, AND IT WAS FOR FREE!
2. Fire almost everyone at EA except for Grant, and replaced them with Mod The Sims creators!
3. Go on maintenance for a while, and fix everything! I don't care how long just fix it!


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