Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Battle Against Mummification: The Start- Episode 12

Kelly: Okay, I have something to say! There are two sims who have a strong relationship in the house! It is a romantic one! It's Ruby, and Stephan! You will need help to get this relationship out of the game! So, keep me in the game in order to help me get out the secret showmance!

Stephan: Hey, that is SO NOT TRUE!

Ruby: Hey, I have to confess something it was true!

Back on Day 6, we made out in the hot tub, and we started a secret showmance! We have decided to keep it a secret showmance due to people can get rid of us for having a public showmance! Kelly found out about through the Head of Mummification television! She promised to keep it a secret! But know she broke the promise, and now she has made an even more so target! She'll probably become a mummy this week, don't you think?

Kelly: Okay, we all know the truth now! If you want to get rid of this relationship, which you'll need to, vote to mummify Kellan! I call this meeting dismissed!

Kelly: I have made a risky move to reveal the secret showmance! I hope this pays off, and Kellan will become a mummy instead of me!

Ruby: Ugh, 28 days of us keeping it a secret, and now look what this ***** did! She is SO NOT gonna give my vote!

Mark: How can you guys keep that a secret?

Ruby: Well, showmances do get out early!

Morgan: But, look, if me, or Mark wins the next Head of Mummification, we will so not nominate you guys! We are allies to the end, remember?

Stephan: Thank you, but what about Grey, Kathy, Kelly, and Kellan?

Mark: Well, ignore those! One of the people you listed are gonna become a mummy by the end of this week! We will also make sure the rest doesn't win Head of Mummification anytime soon! Remember, it's us to the end, you know?

Nocturne: We are now live on Day 38! It is time to talk to the house guests! Hello, house guests!

House Guests: Hello!

Nocturne: Stephan, your secret showmance is out! Would you like any last minute comments about it being out?

Stephan: Well, I'm sorry to say this Kelly, but I think it is bad strategy to do that! Sorry!

Nocturne: Morgan, you given every single houseguest a makeover! What is your favorite makeover?

Morgan: IDK! I haven't thought about! Well, I guess it has to be (5 seconds later) Ruby!

Ruby: Wow, thank you!

Morgan: Your welcome!

Nocturne: You all made it the half-way point! So, I got a question! Since you all know each other pretty well, who do you think is the most underestimated player without mentioning the names of Kellan, and Kelly, because they are already on the block? Kathy, you are first!

Kathy: Grey!

Grey: Morgan!

Mark: Grey!

Kellan: Grey!

Kelly: Grey!

Morgan: Grey!

Ruby: Grey!

Stephan: Grey!

Nocturne: Okay, you guys pretty much agree with each other! Now, it is almost time for the live voting! But first, it is time for each of the two nominees to give one final plead speech, and Kellan, you are first!

Kellan: Kelly is a bigger threat than me! Kelly won one Head of Mummification! I won none! Who would want to mummify? A bigger competitor, or a weaker competitor? You decide!

Nocturne: Kelly, your turn!

Kelly: Okay, this is your final warning! You guys know the secret showmance by now! If you want to get rid of them, vote for Kellan, and I will get rid of them ASAP! That is all I have to say!

Nocturne: Okay, it is time for the votes! Kelly, Kellan, and Stephan will not vote! The rest of you guys have to make your way to the diary room, and cast your vote! Morgan, you are up first!

*after the live voting*

Nocturne: Okay, we have all the votes! Whoever gots the most votes will have a few moments to talk to the houseguests, go get in the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings, and be mummified! By 1 3-2 vote,

Kelly, you will be the 1st person who made it to the merge to become a mummy!

Kelly: Well, guys, you better have some really good luck for getting rid of the Secret Showmance now!

*Stay tune for Episode 13*

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