About Me

Hey guys! Do you wanna know about me?

Well, here:

Basic Info:

Name: Jake Taylor

Name on the Forums: MummyGaGa

Birthday: May 11th

State: Florida

Traits: Photographers' Eye, Artistic, Slob, Good Sense of Humor, Computer Whiz

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

This or That:

Pepsi, or Coke: Pepsi

McDonalds, or Burger King: McDonalds

Day, or Night: Night

Mac, or PC: Mac

iPod Touch, or iPhone: iPod Touch

Summer, or Winter: Summer

Sims-Related Favorites:

Favorite Game: Late Night

Favorite Life State: Mummies

Favorite Sim: Avis Orsini

Favorite Pre-made Sim: Nina Caliente

Favorite Simlish Song: Outta Here


Favorite Singer: Lady GaGa

Favorite Band: Glee Cast

Favorite Song: Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

Favorite Non-Lady GaGa Song: We R Who We R by Ke$ha

Favorite Food: French Fries

Favorite Drink: Pepsi

Favorite Movie: Tron Legacy

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Show: Big Brother

Favorite Holiday: New Years' Eve

Favorite Class: Art

Sims-Related Least Favorite:

Least Favorite Game: Ambitions

Least Favorite Life State: Ghosts

Least Favorite Pre-made Sim: Richie Striker

Least Favorite Simlish Song: Tea Party

Least Favorites:

Least Favorite Movie: Twilight Series

Least Favorite Singer: Justina Beiber

Least Favorite Song: Baby by Justina Beiber

Least Favorite Food: Veggies

Least Favorite Drink: Water

Least Favorite Show: Hannah Montana

Least Favorite Animal: Alligators

Least Favorite Holiday: Fathers' Day

Least Favorite Class: PE

Other Favorites:

Other Favorite Singers: Rihanna, Ke$ha, P!nk, Micheal Jackson, Madonna

Other Bands: Key of Awesome, Black Eyed Peas, The Beatles

Other Shows: Glee, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Guild

Other Movies: Harry Potter series, Easy A, Alice in Wonderland


Where did you last go?San Diego
What country do you want to visit?Australia
What has been the farthest place you've gone to?San Diego
Where do you not want to go?To School

Random Facts You Should Know About Me:

1. I mummified Lady GaGa haters, so be quiet if you hate Lady GaGa!
2. I do apologized if I say something rude! I have a big mouth, and I often say stuff without thinking about it!
3. I am a senior at High School!
4. I took Art for all 4 years of High School, and I am currently in the Art Club!
5. I have 4 ex-girlfriends!
6. I sing Bad Romance to almost every girl, and when it is someone's birthday, I sing Birthday by The Beatles